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    why they not using LINUX to the names? have they actually change the linux kernel?? i think fedora core use linux coz my friend buy a pirated one and its said in the cover "Fedora core <bottom> a redhat linux project" point is...if they using the linux kernel they must use the linux name... its not hard though..just put it...for linus torvalds sake..

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    Linspire does call itself linux, though, and for the fedora reference, yes, they also call thenselves a linux distribution, the "Redhat linux project" sounds like a description, not teh product name

    At teh very top of is the text :"The World's easiest desktop linux"

    companies are free to name their product whatever they like, I could create a linux distribution and name it "Zach's l33tz0r Operating System" and I'd be fine

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    "Click-N-Run"-functionality can be reached with porthole (gentoo) or synaptic (debian). With synaptic you can install over 8000 packages, even add your own sources, but synaptic is maybe not that fancy...

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