what are the stupid you do in linux?

- i type a python code to konsole.
- i insert a diskette..then i can't find the A: (the windows path fot this) then i eject it..then its hangs.
- i was in practicum...one computer has its monitor off..i open it up. whoa linux whitebox!!!.. i check the games whoa plenty of them.. i play super tux!.. then suddenly a loud phone like ring!!! i thought that i was connecting to the internet..so i dont mind it...i play play play...when our boss comes.. he's very angry at me ... he type something in the console then he say to me to keep out from all linux computers( dell,IBM) ..with the LOUD saying "its the company's SERVER!!!"..

tommorow back in my terminal .. i see some command and conquer GENERAL and NBA LIVE 2005 installed in my pc...which is forbidden...i tell my fellow practicumers but he says our boss install it so that we can play in our free time...