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    Quote Originally Posted by techieMoe
    I'd say it wouldn't bother me if he kicked out KDE either, since I never use big desktop environments in Slackware anyway.
    Ditto, I'd kick Gnome and KDE, I think lighter window managers are the best way to go with Slack, I always use Fluxbox and I need no more.
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    interesting, two people voted for gnome but they didn't write about it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by adrenaline
    interesting, two people voted for gnome but they didn't write about it.
    well I said it was ok. As others has said, it has become to much work for Pat, and now with dropline, there is no reason to keep it. So slackers can still use gnome.

    I like gnome much better than kde too *ducks*
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    So, now we have that in the open, let's go on
    Being a gnome-user, I'd feel sorry for it, except that I'm not into Slack. So that's not a problem for me..

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    Of course if dropping gnome means patrick will use the extra free space for things like firefox, etc. then I can ony see that as a step forward.

    And if almost every slackware + gnome user agrees that dropline is better then the gnome that ships with slack I don't see why patrick should waste his efforts in debugging gnome.
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    I'm glad almost all of you think like me. Gnome isn't needed in Slack. I'm not so sure that Pat will add or similar packages.
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    I myself, I use gnome all the time, not because of the KDE sucks because it's a blah blah, but because KDE, hurts my eyes. No joke all the colours they give me a I use a nice plain gnome desktop.
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    Quote Originally Posted by U-Turn
    I quickly replaced it with Dropline and I won't miss the stock package set.
    This is more then likely why Gnome was dropped, it seems they are doing a great job packaging Gnome for Slack so whats the point in working seperately on the same thing? And KDE is to much like Windows long live Gnome

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    Please do not incorrectly interpret any of this as a slight against GNOME itself, which (although it does usually need to be fixed and polished beyond the way it ships from upstream more so than, say, KDE or XFce) is a decent desktop choice. So are a lot of others, but Slackware does not need to ship every choice. GNOME is and always has been a moving target (even the "stable" releases usually aren't quite ready yet) that really does demand a team to keep up on all the changes (many of which are not always well documented). I fully expect that this move will improve the quality of both Slackware itself, and the quality (and quantity) of the GNOME options available for it.

    Right now, I think removing it would be the best thing for Slackware as it's become a maintainance nightmare. I do believe it would be best to let Dropline produce Slackware's GNOME and quit wasting my own time with it. Probably 1/3 of developement time here is used maintaining GNOME, and *most* of the bug reports I get have something to do with GNOME

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    They could add the dropline-packages on an own CD which can be found on the slack-mirrors... Not everybody can install over the net u know...

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