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    Oct 2004

    Slackware kicks Gnome

    I know it's an information about a week ago, but I just wanted to know how do you comment this? I personally don't mind because I never used Gnome.
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    gnome is a very large environment, so it makes sense when you're trying to save space and it's also logical to not have 2 large environments. to me it's just wasted space as i never use it, kde would be also if it wasn't for the fact that i fire up a few programs that are designed for it, i myself use fluxbox.

    if people want gnome, then they can install it themselves, like patrick said, he's not going to the effort to keep the environment up to date because he doesn't have the time and he has better things to do, this works out better for patrick because it means he can focus his efforts on better things, and for the end user as they can install gnome in the knowledge it's the latest available.

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    I personally never liked Gnome. I guess I used Windows for to many years, and Kde is just more comfortable to me.

    Whenever I install an OS, I always try to leave Gnome out.
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    I don't use Gnome either, so it's no loss for me. I am surprised that I haven't seen more people complaining about this decision. Pat made his reasons for it pretty clear, but that usually doesn't stop people from belly-aching about such things. I guess we will see how it affects Slackware use when the new releases come out without Gnome.

    Now if we can just get rid of KDE. Hehe, just joking...please don't flame me.

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    I think more people would have been upset if it weren't for the fact that most Slackware users who use Gnome are using Dropline's a better packaging of Gnome than the "stock" one.
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    I've got to go with Flatline here. I installed the stock GNOME when I first installed Slackware 9.1 some time back. I quickly replaced it with Dropline and I won't miss the stock package set.
    I'm also playing with Freerock's GNOME. Both are far better than the packages that used to come with Slackware.
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    I must admit I'm not too upset at the news (I use fluxbox anyway). Never tried dropline either. But I am assuming that it's only the environment patrick's taking away, not the libraries (GTK2 etc.), right?
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    Quote Originally Posted by zba78
    I must admit I'm not too upset at the news (I use fluxbox anyway). Never tried dropline either. But I am assuming that it's only the environment patrick's taking away, not the libraries (GTK2 etc.), right?
    Same with me.
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    never really used gnome, or slack, so i wouldn't bee to bothered if they dropped it, i'm more a KDE man myself, tho on my gentoo i use fluxbox.
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    Don't use Gnome, so it doesn't affect me. One less thing Pat has to debug before a new release, so I don't see it hurting the distro at all. I'd say it wouldn't bother me if he kicked out KDE either, since I never use big desktop environments in Slackware anyway.
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