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    anyone order Ubuntu CDs?

    I signed up for some Ubuntu CDs today, since they are Free Just want to know if anyone one has done the same? How long did it take to get the CDs? What do you think of Ubuntu?

    What a cool service, to not only provide you with the software on CD for Free, but to ship them for Free too! Awesome!
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    Here's Techiemoe's take:

    I'm not as harsh as he is about it (I have broadband). Do yourself a favor and look at so you can get everything set up.
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    Re: anyone order Ubuntu CDs?

    I've signed up for some cd's.

    The website gives an indication: it should take 4-6 weeks to deliver it. Of course, it depends on where you live in the world, how fast the postal service is, when the cd's get shipped, etc..

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    Thanks Flatline. I might add that my opinion of Ubuntu is the same for both version 4 and 5. I simply forgot to write a review the first time I tried it... I may add one for version 4 later.

    For those who don't want to read the full review (it's really not all that long), I'll sum it up in one line:

    Quote Originally Posted by TechieMoe's Tech Reviews
    Ubuntu is popular for the same reason AOL is popular: people are morons.
    Your mileage may vary, of course. I review it as I see it.
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    I ordered them to try it out. Well..... its a free CD and case
    I can't say much more than that. Give it a try by all means but it lacks plenty.
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    I ordered CDs of Ubuntu 4 (warty) a long time ago and they finally came a couple of weeks ago, although I live in New Jersey, USA and they where coming from somewhere I don't remember in Europe.

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    techieMoe, although I don't like Ubuntu either, your statement that there is no way to install 3d acceleration is incorrect. If you use Synaptic, or the Ubuntu package manager, there is an nVidia package. Synaptic does all the installation for you, and the process is just as simple as with SuSE. Just wanted to clarify that for those who had never used Ubuntu.

    As far as the CDs, I have ordered the CDs, and got them in about three weeks. I don't, however use Ubuntu, but instead use SuSE as my OS of coice.

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    And where can i get these free cd's?

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    PostPosted: Today at 9:25 pm Post subject:
    And where can i get these free cd's?
    Take a look at . On the right hand side is a link to "Shipit - Free CDs"
    Or just go to

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    I ordered 50 and got them in about 3 weeks.
    I also must be a moron since I really like this distro
    IMO it's even the very best easy to use distro out there...
    I mostly use Debian Sid myself, but highly recommend Ubuntu for people who just like an easy Debian system that simply works(not sure why this didn't work for techieMoe).

    For those who don't like using sudo(sudo does have some security advantages though),
    just do:
    sudo passwd root

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