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Update again:

I had to upgrade xmltv. I kept getting this error about not having the correct Perl module installed (term::readkey), but it was installed. Once I upgraded ot the latest version, Freevo worked perfectly. Best of all, since I programed the remote control to work with TVTime and I configured Freevo to use TVTime, I was able to use the remote, too! Everthing else worked well, too. Everything is in metric, but I imagine that'll be an eay change.

Total time working on freevo to get a working system: 1 hour
Total time working on MythTV to get a non-working system: 4 hours

I guess my vote is going to Freevo. It works great, looks great, was easy to setup and was relatively hassle free. Like most Linux programs, there's not too much GUI configuration, everything is command line. Maybe that's why it's so much easier to setup then Myth?