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    Which Is THe Easiest Non GUI Version To Setup...

    Please help...

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    Most distros can be setup as non-gui. All you need to do is unselect any KDE or GNOME or any other windo manager. also deselect xserver and X11. then you shall have a purely command line driven linux box.

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    I think he means debian and slackware etc which don't have gui installers at all.

    Umm I would say probably Ubuntu which is based on debian.
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    If you're familiar with cfdisk, I'd say Slackware is the easiest.
    Keep in mind though, I've been using and installing Slackware and Slack-based distros for 2 years and I just finished my first Ubuntu install.
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    Slackware for sure.
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    Slackware or Ubuntu have pretty easy non-graphical installs. I wouldn't personally recommend Ubuntu, however, since the actual OS it installs doesn't work for me, but the installer is pretty easy.
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    I too recommend Slackware. While not being GUI it's installer is certainly not too difficul to get to grips with.

    There is also a good walkthrough on the Slackware website
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    I wouldnt recomennd slackware at all, just Ubuntu and Maybe Debian Sarge....

    (Oh btw, I have used slackware before )
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    thanx guys i think im gonna try slackware... i'll definately use that link do any of you guys know where i can get tuts on seting up a bind...webserver and kinda gettin thrown in the deepend at work and need it to be done asap so any help would be very grateful...

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