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    Linux is a fairly steep learning curve in order to truly experience it.

    Personally, I would recommend SuSE for a new user. That said, in a few months, you probably won't be on SuSE. It took me 5 distros to find one I really like, and I even have a few problems with this one (though certainly less than others). However, SuSE is easy to install, easy to update, and will serve well as an introduction. If you want, you might even stick with it.

    So yeah. Go SuSE!

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    SuSE would be a good distro to start off with. I'm fairly new to Linux, and so far I'm really enjoying SuSE.

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    Fedora Core, Mandriva or SuSE

    And whatever you do, DO NOT GET LINSPIRE! They cheat Linux newbs out of their money by claiming a horrible OS to be the easiest-to-use Linux desktop but it's the hardest.

    NOTE: If you have 700MB CDs, you won't be able to download Mandriva.

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    Another vote for Suse here! Ive been using it awhile now and it is very user friendly. The yast is very easy to use to configure things and install/remove software. Which ever one you choose, you will find plenty of help from the people on this forum.
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    definately SuSE, because its easy to learn, and contains almost everything the advanced linux user will want later

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    I personally think Ubuntu is very easy to use for a newbie. Although it lacks a graphical installer (it uses a text based) it was still very easy to get installed. Also the Ubuntu community is very helpful and friendly. If you ever have a problem they are more than willing to help, as well as this bunch of great people

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