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    South Park and eterm

    while trying to compile eterm i came across this in the ./configure step:

    checking for life_signs in -lKenny... (cached) no
      Oh my god, they killed Kenny!  You bastards!
    has anyone ever seen this before?? lol. I dont know why i found it so funny. I guess im just a total nerd...
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    from Scorched3D:

    checking for beer in -lfridge... no
    Warning: No beer found in fridge!
    We highly suggest that you rectify this situation immediately.

    I got a kick out of it at the time too
    Has anyone found any others?
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    Enlightenment checks for Guiness, IIRC...

    If you watch carefully, you can find all sorts of funny stuff in configure scripts and Makefiles..
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    Hehe, those programmers are nerds
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    i have never notices anything like that myself.... sounds goo to me haha.
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