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while waiting for a long install to finish I was looking out into space. to my left: a cd of knoppix with a boot disk to my right: a p-90mhz ...
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    new life to an old machine

    while waiting for a long install to finish I was looking out into space.

    to my left: a cd of knoppix with a boot disk
    to my right: a p-90mhz 32mb laptop running (or trying to run) win 95 but mostly collecting dust

    I figure that I might as well so I insert both discs and then step out of the room to find something to eat.

    I return to find it hasn't finished booting yet so I leave again. (I do this a few times)

    3 hours and a few minutes later it starts kde.

    but i think that simply running linux isn't enough I have got to have done something with it. so I start kwrite.

    I wait another 30mins.

    then type "thats enough of that" and turn the machine off.

    *I would try another distro like DSL but this machines one purpose is to run a scanner that has really poor software that only works with win95. (and sometimes not even then) I should probably just go spend $30 on a new one so I can take a hammer to this paperweight.

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    I like the hammer idea .

    How old is that laptop? If I were you, I would do like you suggest and get a new scanner.

    Looking for a distro? Look here.
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    You could install kdrive (VERY light-weight and easy-to-configure X-server) and fluxbox (pretty light-weight windowmanager) and links2 with a X-driver (very light-weight browser) and perhaps also ctorrent (commandline bittorrent-client) and such stuff to make it a useful computer... But I would'nt run a graphical-livecd, a pentium2 computer over here could'nt start KDM from the mepis-livecd

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    I would give an older version of vector a try. I currently have thier version 3.2 running on an old laptop with a pentium 166 32mgs of ram and 1.5Gb hard drive.

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    The newest version of Vector should be fine, too...just use IceWM instead of KDE and you should do pretty well.
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    And like I said try KDrive! I tested it, VERY lightweight... But you can't expect opengl-apps and stuff to work properly

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    Man, you are really patient guy!
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