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why do you have the cdrom as the primary slave, it should be the secondary master, with the cdrom as a secondary slave it can't be used while the hard drive is in use, that's why it's called a master and slave, the slave can only talk when the master says it's ok
Actually it can. The problem though from what I see is that the bio's is not auto detecting the secondary ide controller aka the secondary master and slave.
how can it, the whole point of the setup is to allow two devices to cooperate and share the bandwidth of one device, if you can access the cdrom then the answer is simple, the hard drive is not in use, you need to learn the difference between using the operating system and accessing data from the drive.
i never said it wouldn't work, i said he should have the cdrom as secondary master so that it has it's own bandwidth channel, in this kind of setup in the case of a cd-rw, the cd-rw would need to be the master device.