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You haven't worked with contract law much have you? When a company enters into a contractual agreement, you are bound by that agreement. To break that agreement could break the company.

Here's an example. Company X develops a new technology (let's say face recognition) and it's determined to be foolproof. Microsoft contacts the company, and they enter into an exclusive contract. That company is now bound by that contract to use only Microsoft software.

Meanwhile, Company Z figures out a way to create the same software, totally independent of Company X. Because of the contract with Company X, Microsoft will not work with, or license the use of their products for Company Z.

In essence, Company Z is now going to go belly up, because they no longer have access to the largest share of the market and there's no way they're going to recoup research and development costs by selling to Linux users.
I take it you don't read the article's you post, do you? Read this article you posted (Here) and tell me where you see the word "contract". We are talking about a license not a contract. So it's like Microsoft is the car and Linux is the bus. Why? Because all of you could never be the van because you like to b**tch.