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    Quote Originally Posted by jaboua
    Quote Originally Posted by Dude500
    I read another article somewhere where Bill Gates was interested in buying nintendo
    Would'nt surprise me, they allready have wintendo and xbox...
    They are neighbors
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    ah ha!
    IBM used to be considered a huge tyrant, like Microsoft is today... and didn't Microsoft essentially take over IBM's position
    Yes, exactly correct. M$ was the young and sexy startup and IBM was the corporate monster. Back in those days, lets say 25 years ago, M$ was David to IBM's Goliath. IBM, not M$, was the company that got software patent law set as it is now in the USA.

    Although I think IBM has learned a lot from its dance with M$, its sad to see that they still feel the need to cut budget by laying people off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JoeB
    Although I think IBM has learned a lot from its dance with M$, its sad to see that they still feel the need to cut budget by laying people off.
    Well, maybe this is almost OT, but war is good for BNP (Bruttonationalproduct, I think it's know asn GDP, gross domestic product, in english. It's the sum of all services and McGuffins bought and traded in a country in a year, often used to compare countries, though, it's use is and has been subject to debate, considering it's useage compared to what it actualy measures, but that's another debate. here's a longer definition/explanation of it:, maybe softwars (pun intended, laught...) has the same effect - you can't fight a competitor without man power, can you? (and when "peace" comes, what's the need for the 'warriors'? Or when a monopoly dies (or maybe to some extent 'just' becomes an oligopopy), I think, they must cut the costs to be cheaper than their competitors => less [people] do more [work] for less [...])
    [in case you didn't get why "war => +BNP", here's a short explanation: war needs soliders (need food, need...), guns, ammo, army vehicles (needs gas, needs refinaries, needs...), and this is just the start of the chain, in short, an terrible amount of services and resouces nees to "done", a nb GDP is, bingo, the sum of it, this also means accidents and such is also good for GDP - that's one of the reasons not to use GDP to emasure "wealth" of a country]

    Dude500: that might have been the april fools thing, there was a such, where, Ballmer allegedly got, let us say, cut of short by nitendo. Fun joke, but nothing more afaik.
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