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    A wonderful secret

    I was just reading this article.

    A few hundred years back, during a period of famine in Europe, one of the rulers there knew the solution to bring an end to the famine; the almighty spud.
    Realizing that the potato was a little-known food product, he suspected that the ignorant "peasants" would look at the potato with suspicion and fear, and ultimately, would probably want nothing to do with it.

    So he had potatoes planted in a field, and he had the field "guarded" by soldiers.
    An action which intrigued the peasants to the point that the peasants assumed that if, whatever was planted in that field was guarded by soldiers, then it must be valuable, and the peasants began stealing the spud, and eating it and growing it, and thus the famine ended.

    I wonder if we, Linux users, shouldn't adopt a similar attitude toward our beloved OS.
    Instead of making efforts to promote it, maybe we should "behave" as if we were the fortunate holders of a wonderful secret, and pretend we just want to keep it to ourselves.

    Maybe then the ignorant masses might become intrigued with what we're "trying" to keep a secret...

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    The analogy you use of European famines is most unfortunate, especially considering the 3 million people who died in the Irish famine during the mid 1800s.

    On a lighter note, I don't believe it's necessary to act any differently about Linux in order to promote it. Microsoft recently acknowleged that Linux/open-source is their second biggest threat, so the OS is definitely making progress. Now all we need is one of the big distributers to focus on making a killer desktop distribution instead of focussing on the server/business market.

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