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    Arizona, USA

    probably 8 hours on the weekend easily
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    well, i have as much time as i can on a normal skool day
    for weekends about 8 hour straight
    and for holidays (like what im currently in) from when i wake up to when i go to bed. (11AM to about 1 or 2AM) a total of 14 or 15 hours per holiday.
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    log on at 8am at work, log out at 5 pm. it all depends on what i decided to break or tweak for my time at home. my gateway/server/router was a project for awhile, now its my xp/fc3 dual boot. my home network was a project awhile back. after the dual boot ends, ill probably start doing some case modding or building a new pc or something. i would say around 10-12 hours a day

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    Yeah, I used to be a hard-core gamer...drugs of choice, Q3A (lots of WFA mod) and, I would be on the computer at work from 8-5pm, come home and hop on (sometimes Q3A for fun, other times practices and the rest matches, as I used be in a clan) for another 6-8 hours. The weekends I didn't work, but would log a good 10-12 hours a day...I was obsessed:)

    So, after getting married and weening myself off gaming so much, I still have the 8-5 at work M-F and then maybe an hour or two at home, mainly playing with my linux box, updating web pages or playing LotGD...weekends, at most, 4-6 hours, but with a house and a wife and some other hobbies taking my computer's place, nowhere near what I once was.

    ...I do think you need to be on your computer an insane amount of time to get perspective...and hopefully you can ween yourself back out of it to "normal" levels:)
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    < 4 hrs.
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