I was reading some posts where there the writer assumed that everyone knew the place referenced was a local office supply store that also carrys a limited amount of computer stuff.

Please try to remember that we don't all live in the same country or even in the same part of the country. The solution is simple, use a reference like" I was at Borders, my local book store, and read through linux xyz." Same is true for services, B.T. is a totally different for dsl than the choices we have in the have in the U.S. By different I mean the way they used/control/manage the technology. i.e. capped, charged just by bandwidth available vs volume of data taken in or out etc....

I know I have to remind myself often of this and still slip up. It just if you want your post to be understood by a wider audience, then use global english terms that we all get. i.e Walmart = discount department store, PCConnetion= online computers and supplies, even places like ebay= online auction service due to ebay doesn't work very well in 3rd world countries (this in not intended to be a insult just a fact).

It's ok to reference the name, just also put what it is, for those not in your part of the world. This is truely a international linux forum