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Thread: PS3!

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    Woo go sony for linux. Go nintendo for games !!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Wesley/g
    Woo go sony for linux. Go nintendo for games !!
    I agree, who wants that silver banana anyway?

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    I'm not much of a video game person. I only play games maybe once a month, if that. Aside from that, all my favorites are on classic consoles like the SegaCD or Genesis. EG: Ecco, Sonic CD, Nights Into Dreams, etc... Some newer games like Sonic Adventure 2 (Dreamcast) and Star Fox (GCN) are pretty cool, but I just can't justify paying that much money for something like that.
    I just wish game developers would spend more time developing decent games and less time worrying about the blasted hardware. I'd rather play a good game on a 15 year old console than a terrible game on bleeding edge technology.
    You must admire Sony's originality for the name though, "PlayStation THREE", so clever

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    Quote Originally Posted by the_guy_dressed_in_black
    Quote Originally Posted by whisker
    Quote Originally Posted by the_guy_dressed_in_black
    yeh your right i cant wait to get one and
    1)mod it
    2)Get a linux version working on it!

    i am gonna take a look at all the consoles and wait for 3months before buyin.....
    werent people buying xboxes a few years back as cheap computers to install linux on?
    yes it can be done to the ps2 aswell

    just a computer with a beast of a gfx card
    Also it can be done with the Gamecube to
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    i cant believe they messed with the perfect controller. c'mon, the dualshock was the best controller ever. it just needed a mouse weele and it would do everything. but now they went and made it retarded.

    stll guna buy it though
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    Lol ben, and how can you get linux on gamecube??
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    Even though it's M$ Xbox is my favorite console. So I will be buying Xbox 360 this November.

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