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    need some pranks for MOA class (micro$oft office application

    alright its coming to the end of ninth grade and im pulling everything together for the anual piss off the teacher last day of school. I have a wireless 7.1 setup between lockers, a little bug on the PA system that should let me control it, and a few other things. one last thing id like to do is really really really piss off the MOA teacher because shes a *****. she gave me a detention cause i booted in linux from a freaken cd, and then when i used damn small linux to boot linux inside of windows, she got me banned from the comps for 2 weeks whilst i watched my grade turn to an F. so im planning to pull a few pranks on her. i have her startup directory mapped to my comp, and basically have complete control over her computer, i just need a few good pranks to pull on her to make her life hell.

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    Forget pranks.If you really want to make life hell for her SUE her ass.

    But anyway if you definitely want pranks this an au file with Sally's fake orgasm
    from "When Harry met Sally".So arrange it so that every time she logs in
    it gets played.I'm sure that will make her popular.

    Oh , and sue the school for having a MOA class.That should teach them
    for wasting tax payers' money.

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    Dunno if you could get this to work based on the system your school uses, but I recommend you take a look at:

    We pulled mousemove on a friend of ours, that was awesome.

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    no im not clicking nething with sallys fake orgasm written all over it. however these other pranks are perfect, ill just place them in her win share and use telnet to execute them. the more the merrier

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    considering its I would think that it is safe

    but as for a prank I guess you could remove the startup files

    autoexe.bat, config.sys, and anything you can find in system folder

    or just replace ding.wav with what ever you want.

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    hey, howabout this. install linux. then she wont have a clue what to do.
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    or youcan delete all her files, or pretend to delete all her files but put them on a usb key, so she freaks, but them you give them back if you have to

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