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    getting new computer

    My sister needs a new computer because hers is going bad (one of the pins on the processor fan has been out for a while, vibrating the entire computer to death) so im gonna sell her mine. Im curious if anyone wants ta suggest something they like around 1000 +/- 400 $ or so. Looking for intel, sata, and linux compatability more than anything. thanks
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    what are you going to be doing with it?

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    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but:

    Replace the CPU fan! :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by sether
    This probably isn't what you want to hear, but:

    Replace the CPU fan! :P
    Hehe, on my old P2 300mhz, I am on my third fan
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    haha well yeah my sister isnt too smart or anything, the most asked will be games / music. what do people think about amd vs intel?
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    amd realy offeres a better product nowadays since they dindt spend forever focused on clock speeds. plus amd is now a better overclocker since intel has to come with some high end fan just to keep cool. amd supports 64bit proccessing beter than intel and amd is usualy cheaper.
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