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Thread: Hello world

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    Quote Originally Posted by superdan7
    Yes..thats probably correct. Only servers have the ability to have that much RAM, and most likely would have more than one FX55 processor.



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    Thought it was crap. Feeling better about that cynical buzz now...

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    just do a google for 1 TB hard drive. theyre like 900$ for a basic thing
    i said before somewhere that i fix old crappy comps. well i came accross a motherboard from some beefed up computer (someone who invests somewhat more in his computers than i do mind you). i never did figure out what it was exactly, however i can tell you that they do exist. and i think its probally pretty new as well, i only got my hands on it a month ago. no idea why the guy wanted to sell it tho.
    well if u dont believe me i really dont care. and whoever said the thing would cost 5000 lbs was probally right, however since its alot salvaged its not nearly as much. i did buy the SLIs tho and the processor tho. the little HDs and the motherboard all came from other computers that i had bought off others, mainly cause they werent working. lol i love how many ppl are willing to sell their comp cause they get the CMOS error on bootup, probally due to a low battery.

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