I'm a web developper and I decided to try to install linux on my computer. It will be useful for programming and to test my websites on another platform and browser (konqueror).

So I downloaded Mandrakelinux's version 10.1 DVD and I got it installed very easily. I was concerned about having hard drive problems by resizing it but friends told me I wouldn't have to be concerned, And they were right :P

I encountered only one small problem during the installation and it turned out that KDE doesn't like a screen resolution of 1152x864 px.

Let me introduce my computer to you:

Gateway 504GH
512 Mb DDR
Pentium IV 3.0 GHz Hyper Threading
200Gb Hard drive

Now I have two more problems that I need to solve.

First: the internet. I managed to make it work once but when I restarted the computer, I had to reconfigure everything and then it didn't work anymore. If I can't get it to work in the next couple of days, I'll come back here to ask my question ;o) This forum helped me out to make it work the first time.

Second: the sound. I don't have a clue where the problem is. The sound card has been detected in the "Other" section of the hardware detection tool (harddrake).