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    I use Linux because I can't stand having to spend time getting rid of malware. I wouuld rather spend that time tweaking my system.

    Also because of the customizability(is that a word) of Linux.

    If I don't like the way something looks or behaves, I can change it. With Windows all you get to change is the skin.

    I am not a huge gamer, but I like playing the default games that come with a system.
    Windows=solitaire, maybe 2 0r 3 different kinds.
    Linux=tons of games.
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    Quote Originally Posted by xzworks
    if you are windows user you can see this reasons
    - safe from spyware
    - safe from virus
    - hacker free
    ( but not 100% free!)
    Better do some more research. No system is 100% safe from anything.
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    thats why i say " but not 100% free!" from virus,spyware and hackers

    maybe 95% for spyware
    70% for virus
    60% for hackers

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    I used linux initially out of interest - I figured how can I be a computer Guru if I've only ever used Windows? But I stuck through some of the biggest bouts of incompatibily and some fierce streches of X stability issues. And of course no plug n' play when I started...

    But I love linux now and don't use anything else at home. I like the structural layout of *nix systems, I like that users are just users and not free to break the system, greater inherent security and of course open source is a huge bonus if not a reason in itself.

    Also, having networked in Windows for a good long while now, it's apparent that Linux is just better suited to it. Networking was added and hacked into Windows, and although things like Active Directory really are outstanding you will see that the entire concept of linux is better capable of being part of a network.

    ...And that's from an ex-Lan Admin....

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    I initially tried Linux just because I could. That was almost two years ago though. Now I use it for convenience and uptime. 68 days on my server right now.

    I just enjoy the open source stuff. I have had no problem with compatibility with Windows as far as homework/assignments go.

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    I use linux because I want to go to heaven.

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    Just a few reasons, but not necessarily in this order:

    price, stability, availability, freedom of choice, registration not required, open sourced, easily modified, more control over OS, large/helpful user community...

    ...I reserve the right to add more reasons later!

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    i like the community
    i like being able to change anything and everything
    i like not having to reinstall my pc and laptop every two weeks
    i like the security the fact that i dont end up with adware
    the whole open source ethos its like muscians used to make music for the fun of making music where as now they are in it for the fame and the money i like writting and using software and i have the freedom to do it and use others peoples work

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    I use Linux because:
    - I want to get rid of Windows
    - I have a guilty conscience about the illegal software on my pc (I didn't have it until some months ago, strangely)
    - I like the versatility of Linux
    - I try oh so hard to not be like anybody else
    - a Mac seems to expensive to me (yes I would like to experiment with Mac OS X and stuff, Mac Mini :o)
    - I like experimenting and having control, doing things yourself

    - I like the fact I don't get adware and stuff like that
    - A lot of the software you can get for free, in a perfectly legal way.
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    I am far more consciencious about paying for software since I got into FOSS.
    But I begrudge some companies that want to charge for OSS, whether within the law or not. Companies that don't really give back. Kind of like living by the letter of the GPL, but not the spirit.

    Some fartknocker over on looks for donations for making suggestions!! Apparently it's for Open Source donationsbut there was mention of an administration fee!!


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