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    I'm using Linux because it is the future. Up until a few months ago I had never used Linux but I am slowly learning the system. IT had better embrace this up and coming OS or be left behind. Just my opinion.

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    san diego, ca
    in two words: it works

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    Nov 2004

    A) i wanted to try something new
    B) my computer had a CPS rate of 3-4
    C) my tech teacher (at school) said i had to somehow impress him before i could be in the computer class (i've built 5 fr*cking computers and he thinks that the newbie who just take them all apart and put them back together are more skilled)
    D) i couldn't find an IRC client for windows that i really liked
    E) i like choice... in large doses...
    F) the community

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    No reason to use anything else if everything I need to do works with Linux.

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    1) It's free as in freedom and beer.
    2) Virtual desktops/workstations
    3) You can actually change it to your liking rather easily.
    4) root has full access to the system unlike WinWoes where you can't even end some processes or delete 'needed system files' (such as IE)
    5) Virtually no worries about security

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    I'm sick of MS crashing, freezing, locking me out, in general being bad to me

    I didn't want to spend $200 on an OS when i built my box (Hmmm, burn $0 on an OS or $200?)

    it's a hell of a lot more secure than ms

    no (well, very few) viruses/other nasty internet things

    GUI is much more advanced than windows

    Information should be free. That includes source code!

    that and I like supporting open competition in a free enterprise system!

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    Of course, there's the stability, security, speed, adaptability,...

    But I use it because it's fun to use. As it says on distrowatch:
    Put the fun back into computing. Use Linux, BSD.

    Stumbling around the 'net:

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    Because it is:

    1) Stable
    2) Secure
    3) Free
    4) The best (I am going to get flamed for this one )

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    because i really disliked the way i had to keep formatting and reinstalling under windows, because i hate viruses and spyware, because the amount of stuff you had to have running (AV, anti-malware,firewall) on windows saps your resources to almost none, because it leaks like 20yr old guttering, because its so dam expensive and because its anti-competitive, and most of all linux works.
    You know, aliens are going to come to earth in 50 years and kill the hell out of us for DDoSing their networks with this SETI crap
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    Because MS Windows OS IS the mother of all spyware ! ! !

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