Reasons i use Linux:

1) Microsoft SUCKS
2) I llove the GNOME desktop - every aspect can be customized!
3) Microsoft is EVIL
4) I prefer open source software, so i can see how it was made
5) Mircosoft is ruining the software industry - why the hell would i patronize them???
6) Linux if free!!!
7) I got tired of my Windows O/S getting butt-raped by viruses, worms, browser
hijackers, spyware, malware etc, etc....
8 ) I love the UNIX style O/S design & function.
9) I hate the Windows O/S design and <lack of> function
10) Linux is a 'geek' status symbol to me
11) Windows is boring, bug-ridden, inflexible, inferior, overpriced piece of garbage...