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Thread: Joke :)

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    Joke :)

    Six days after the Creation, Adam was still alone in the Garden of
    Eden, and getting pretty desperate. "God!" he cried, "rescue me from
    loneliness and despair! Send some company for Your sake!"

    God replied "OK, I have just the thing. Keep you warm and relaxed all
    the days of your life. Never complains. Looks up to you in every way.
    It'll cost you though".

    "Sounds ideal" said Adam. "The society of the beasts of the field and
    the birds of the air palls after a while. What's the price?"

    "An arm and a leg", said God.

    Adam thought about it for a bit and finally sighed. "So, what can I get
    for a rib?"

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    ...and the rest is history!
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