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    Windows XP soon ready for the desktop!

    According to this guy, Windows XP is soon going to be ready for the desktop:

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    Ahahaha , that was great.

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    XP for the desktop, maybe if you stack a whole bunch of XP cd's, they might make a good paperweight. Until it crashes.
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    Good article, I also doubt if XP will ever be ready for the desktop with its compatibility promlems, damn slowness, and lack of a CLI (thay have somthing called command line, bit it is not CLI, it is a modded version of notepad).

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    Thats' was a fun read. Thanks.
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    Have you checked here first?

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    The article really has the Windows users stirred up over there, but it is nice to see the "not ready for the desktop" stuff coming from another direction for a change.

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    I really don't like these kind of articles, theyre always biased to one side. A few points I'd like to pick up on:
    "The SimplyMEPIS version of GNU/Linux I run on my "workhorse" laptop computer includes a full-featured office suite, ftp, chat, and graphics software, and dozens of other useful programs on its installation CD. Windows XP included none of these, and most of the equivalent packages available for Windows are costly. Some, like Microsoft's Office software (which is similar to but doesn't read as many file formats and won't directly save your work as PDFs), cost more than the operating system itself. "
    Yes, and you can get for Windows funnily enough, along with a bunch of other Linux programs.

    Note that this "Key" is not a simple, English-language password, but a 20-character string of apparently random letters and numbers. It took me several tries to type the "Product Key" correctly without being able to see it on screen because of the constant blinking.
    I don't like the idea of taking the opinion of a person who does not realise that 5 sets of 5 character long strings makes 25 characters instead of 20.

    Now that I've finished ranting for tonight...

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    I really don't like these kind of articles, theyre always biased to one side
    Same here, i run Linux, i am for Linux ... but i don't think that comparing hardware detection is an area that Linux want's to pick a fight in, nor the degree of skill it takes to install the OS. (XP vs. Gentoo? Debian?) No Linux distro i have tried (about 7) has detected my Samsung Syncmaster 997DF monitor - they go up to 557DF and stop or my Soundblaster card, or my ATI 9800 Pro ... actually the last 2 are detected they just don't work. - still doesn't make Windows a better OS.

    Focus on what you do well ... like the superior Linux filesystem and the fact that it's not a spyware magnet or a spyware OS - the idea behind the open source community versus a power-hungry monopoly. Those reasons & ideals, with the increasing gaming support is what is bringing new users to Linux (IMO) even if it is like landing on an alien planet at first.

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrewdodd13
    I really don't like these kind of articles, theyre always biased to one side.
    Er, that's kind of the idea. It's a spoof on the dozens of articles that argue that Linux isn't ready. You're not supposed to argue the actual merits of the OS, just appreciate the sarcastic tone based in fact.
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    It's a spoof on the dozens of articles
    What is the underlying theme behind both sides of these type's of articles?

    Initial glance, they are just harmless comical articles ... dig deeper, and they are actually an attempt to affect the way people think about Linux or MS on a day to day basis.
    Perception can and often does become reality - and i think both sides know it.

    Misperception examples created on the net:
    Only the spoiled rich use Macs
    Only hackers and the poor run Linux
    Only mindless lemmings or Mom & Dad run Windows

    They put these story's out not by the dozens, but by the hundreds ... if someone complains about them ... then it's just a joke - if someone takes them seriously ... then mission accomplished. (IMO)

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