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    You may get it at school, but I get it at home , it's funny though when I showed my Dad Slack 10.1, he was pretty impressed with the way it was set up, I think he might convert soon

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    lol, you geeks! i made this presentation for my work using html+css+flash+java applets, instead of the usual * got me a good grade. im also known to spread the word on linux and opensource software when i get drunk. ..i must be really annoying, specially when talking to ppl who dont give a damn about it.

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    does admin status on the school server count? hehehehe, so fun

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    it does. id love to get there. it musnt be too hard there. we have xp on the computers and we are suposed to login with our username and password on the department lan. but i found out that if i unplug the network cable and login as user, with no password, and then plug it again, i can be anonymous on the network. is this kind of "security" normal in other places than my university? lol

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    we have NT on our computers, but i will try it. when i did it i jumped on a computer that was left logged on to someone elses account.

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