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    so he is trying on the motorola (ppc) arch
    Whoa, I thought IBM now makes all the Apple processors because Motorola and Apple parted ways. Am I seriously mistaken?
    You are infact correct, IBM does make the processors for Apple. PPC is an IBM processor design, and motorola had nothing to do with it.
    sorry yeh you are correct

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    linus has a tendancy not to favour any distros. chances are he has a self compiled version of linux. ive been reading up on him for quite some time, he must be the most fasinating geek you could find. (ps he is a self proclaimed geek so i mean no offence)

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    Do you think he would use some kind of package management or compile all of his software from source? I mean with the time spent working on the kernel would he have time to compile everything from source?

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    Here is Linus on his e-mail situation ... it's an excerpt from the linked article.

    Q: How many emails do you get from fans and how do you deal with them?

    Linus: “I deal with them mostly by ignoring them. I get too much email and the way I handle it is by just prioritizing it, very roughly. I only answer the stuff that I feel I must personally answer which tends to be technical stuff.”

    Q: How many emails about technical questions do you get?

    Linus: “It's not that much. I actually know people who get more than I do.”

    Q: I heard that you have some people in front of you that answer questions like that. If they can't answer it, it's then sent to you?

    Linus: “Right, and also, I don't encourage people to send me emails. I am only really in dialog with people that are really technical, which really cuts down on a long email. I think I get something like 50 personal emails a day, and they all tend to be really technical. The people that email me tend to be the 'lieutenants around me.' I'm on a mailing list, the kernel mailing list. The mailing lists are a couple hundred emails a day, but they're not personal to me so I don't read them all.”

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