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Thread: Knoppix Live cd

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    Knoppix Live cd

    hey guys i have a knoppix games live linux dvd........and it is not booting directly from the dvd...........therefore i tried to run the gameskno.iso file through ms dos..........but it sill is not running.....can anyone tell me what is the command (in dos) for running *.iso files in ms dos...........(i have tried simply writing the gameskno.iso and enter)

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    You can't do have to set your BIOS to boot from your DVDROM.
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    Knoppix Live cd

    but the dvd rom contains other things as well and the distro is in a folder not at the root of dvd..........i have tried booting from dvd but it did not work........

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    1: Download the Knoppix DVD as an ISO image

    2: Write it to a DVD as an image with cdrecord or KIIIB (In KIIIB Click "Tools" then "DVD" then "Burn DVD Image"

    3: Set your BIOS to boot from the DVD drive first (Delete key during post, select "Basic CMOS Features" then make sure the first boot device is your DVD drive)

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    Knoppix Live cd

    hey man i dont have a cd or dvd writer.......i only have a reader..........what do i do now????????????????????????????????????????

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    Wherever you got the DVD from, ask them to tell you how to load the linux distro. If it came with a magazine or something, there usually will be instructions on how to load it.

    Or you could find a friend who has a CD or DVD recorder and get them to burn it for you, as was said before, you need to extract the iso by selecting the Burn as Image option in nero or other software.

    You could always upgrade to a CD or DVD writer, i mean a reasonable DVD writer can be bought for US$60 or less.

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