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Thread: My OS Adventure

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    My OS Adventure

    (Another good title for this would be: "Ripped off by two kinds of Windows)

    In the beginning(1997), there was Mac, and Mac was awesome, even without internet service, and God saw that Mac was awesome and decided to take mine. That was the day I learned that computers, open windows, rainstorms and box fans are not necessarily a good combination. So that was the end of my computer adventure for a while. (I still have that thing around here somewhere though)

    Fast forward to June 3rd, 2003, Sears is having a sale on AMD Athlon based PCs. Fairly respectable specs for a lot less than it was worth, as well as a free printer. A friend of mine called me to tell me about it, I had some extra cash so I figured it couldn't hurt. By the time I got there only one was left. I also invested $1,122.00 in a digital camera which I would later find to be completely useless on Linux.

    Like every other computing device in the universe, it was bundled with WindowsXP, I boot it up and WTF? UGLY. Even the old time MacOS was prettier than this gawdy blue trash. I eventually discovered the silver color theme, but it really wasn't much better.

    The computer came with one of those AOL disks. I'd never had the internet at home before. My first reaction to the internet? "OMG! WTF? LOL." One good thing did come of this, I became re-acquainted with the Netscape browser I had used in school back in the early '90s.

    I wasn't really fond of Windows, it wasn't as fast as I expected, programs kept crashing, program installs were slow and over complicated and the directory layout (Letters for drives?! Backslashes?!) was retarded. It didn't even really do all that much on its own, I completely mastered it in less than two weeks. I found myself thinking "there has to be something better than this".

    At this time I didn't even know Linux even existed. So one day I heard about this quiz on a site called "BBSpot", "Which OS Are You?". "There's more than two?" I said. I took it and got "You are RedHat Linux". Linux? WTF is that?. I looked it up on AV and came upon a tutorial describing Linux as a "free operating system". Wait a minute, did she just say "free" and "operating system" in the same sentence? BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!

    As soon as my brain stopped sizzling, I researched more into it and found a site telling about how Debian Linux was supposed to be a good desktop and all and blabbity blabbity blabbity blah. Unfortunately for me, the only way to get the magical free desktop was to download it. But at the time I only had 128K DISDN. The first thing I did when I got ADSL? You guessed it. I Jig/Do'ed every single one of them damned eight CD images.

    What ensued was a comedy to end all comedies. I didn't know the first thing about Linux, not even a single command. I had hoped the GUI would configure itself so I could figure it out from there, but noooooo. To make things worse, I only had one hard drive at the time, so if I wanted to ask a question I had to reinstall Windows, and to implement the knowledge gained from asking the question I had to re-install Debian because Windows XP doesn't support partitioning during setup (It just formats it as one gigantic NTFS partition). Around the third time I had to re-install Windows it bacame infected with the w32.sasser.worm lass than five minutes after its first bootup, and after the sixth re-install I just gave up and went back to using Win.

    Later on I heard about FreeBSD from, it seemed nice so I downloaded a copy of 4.10 and tried to install it, once again, no X11. I sent out an email to the FreeBSD mailing list and some guy with the same exact chipset (S3 ProSavage DDR KM266) e-mails me the device section of his XF86Config file. Success!

    Then I ran into another problem, I couldn't get my ADSL connection to work on BSD, so I re-installed Windows to ask how, I then restored all my old files and just forgot about it for a while until one day I was writing a CD in Nero when the thing rebooted. WTF? It booted up, got to the splash screen then rebooted again, it did this several times until I pulled the plug. This wasn't more than a few months after I bought it.

    I had to make one of the most difficult decisions ever, to restore the system from the CDs and delete every single digital photo I've ever taken, including photos of Chaos when he was just a little baby Fox.

    I must have re-installed that piece of trash 20 times, I even went as far as buying new restore CDs ($20.00) and switching out the hard drive for a BRAND NEW 80GB Maxtor DiamondMax+ ($99.00, RadioShack). No matter what I did it still rebooted before the splash screen. It occasionally gave me the Win XP version of the BSOD, a popup window with a cryptic hex number, but would usually reboot before even doing that.

    Fed up, I just re-installed BSD and lived without internet for six months until I got the chance to borrow a friend's computer and download a copy of Renaud Waldura's tutorial on PPPoE and an alternate driver for my NIC from Realtek's website.

    So now I was open sourcin'. FreeBSD was awesome, I loved the ports collection system as well as its incredible speed, probably the best OS I've ever used, and it was pretty! This was the operating system I learned most of what I know about computers on. My luck ran out in October of '04 though, the hard disc I had it installed on (The old one, not the Maxtor) literally exploded in a shower of sparks. The CD I had installed it from had since gone bad, it was a cheap Memorex disc from OfficeMax written at 48x speed by Windows on a $24.00 CD writer. The silver foil layer literally peeled off leaving me with just a clear plastic platter.

    I was once again computerless. I searched stores high and low for a boxed set of any UNIX like OS, by November I had finally found one, "RedHat Professional Workstation 3" at Staples for $99.00. When I broke open the piggy bank and came back to buy it the next week it was on sale for only $49.00! My luck had finally changed! It installed perfectly (Wonderful graphical installer) and I had it configured in less than an hour, X even configured itself. I did have a bit of trouble getting networking up, but a call to RedHat fixed that in no time.

    The only thing that disappointed me about FreeBSD and Linux was that I couldn't use my camera (Serial interface, built in RAM) or my all-in-one (Lexmark). Other than that, its perfect, you couldn't pay me to go back to Windows.

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    great adventure ...your lucky because you have use/try other OS. i never try mac .i only see mac in in our island mac is for elites. anyway about the camera..i think linux can do that...just wait for pro linux users..

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    Heh. Gogo RH/Fedora!

    As for Macs, I had one was real young and had no idea wtf I was doing. I've never really had a chance to use the new OS X 10.xx's. It looks just like Linspire's goal (A *nix OS that doesn't need CLI but has all the *nix guru stuff in it). But it's proprietary, so now I'll never try it

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    well heres mine...

    1998 i was 8(15 now) , my parents got me a dell, with a windows os, i bought the game Age of Empires 2 aok, i mastered the game and became a top dm (death match) player on the internet, a few months later i found myself bored with the game, i had heard about these things call hacks, i decided to learn how to program them, i used a simple autoit code (i think maby something eles but i dont remeber) i made a script that made everything instant, so basicly i got a 10 minute head start, i quikly became the number one person and was accused of hacking, i released this hack publicly, it was very popular, the download had 1231 clicks in 1999, i found myself doing a lot of bot scripting, and a lil hacking (brutus things of that nature). I was 1337 at the age of nine... Well i played aok for a couple more years, proved i was a hacker, and hit tops again. around this time i found out about the wonderful game counterstrike, very fun, it wasnt steam it was some other program. I got bored with that with-in 3 months and again started programing hacks with a basic scripting language. This was before myg0t, and hackers were rare. Well that lasted a couple months, i had creeated aim bots, and varius other stupid things. i then found my first mmo, and ahh it was fun (EQ), jump to 2004, i am really bored with windows, pisses me off, spyware to hell, evil trojans (some i created my self and i couldnt seem to get rid of them). I find the perfect os, Fedora Core, i also find out about wine. i download fedora core and it goes through a simple installation process, i choose gnome(i tried kde, but it suxed). At this point i have a duel boot, its really pissing me off. Im getting windows side effects so i format my drives and install fedora again. its awsome the greatest thing ever, i tell all my frfeinds how 1337 it is and they try it on my comp, they couldnt figure wine and get pissed off. Well here i am teh 1337357 person i knoz :P

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    will someone enlighten me on the 1337 and 1337357?
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    Quote Originally Posted by jamey112
    will someone enlighten me on the 1337 and 1337357?
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    ah well, could you put you HaXXorZ skills to good use and crash bill gates' pc repeatedly for me
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    Quote Originally Posted by Darkbackwardz
    including photos of Chaos when he was just a little baby Fox
    What's this all about ?
    Great story by the way.
    Quote Originally Posted by a12ctic
    What does a12ctic mean then ?

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    That was some adventure... on the topic of Mac's, i salvaged an old Mac LCII from a garbage dump ( yeah, i scrounged in the trash - so what ) It had just started to rain and in another 5 minutes the thing would have beenf full of water. It was complete even with a box full of about 50 floppies too! Other than some crayon marks and a penny jammed in the floppy drive it was A-OK! I took out the penny & cleaned it up .

    Oops then i booted it up but got a sad mac. You know what i'm talking about.
    I did some troubleshooting and found the SCSI HD was dead. Ok that's my story Now it's in my storage locker awaiting a SCSI drive so i must continue dumpster diving till i find one!
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