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    Linux is installed on my computers because I got tired of reinstalling it every 6 months, virus/worms/spyware stuff, redundant dll's etc.

    Linux is heaven, tweakable on all levels. And more important, it's open source/free downloadable and the most important reason is the support you get, always friendly people willing to give you a hand!

    Eat your heart out Bill :P

    As far as my job goes, I'm a QA/QC Manager.
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    Quote Originally Posted by darkbackwardz
    This computer really won't run Windows, no matter what you do, for some reason UNIXes run fine.
    Quote Originally Posted by GNU_man
    If only all PC's had that problem!
    I think you'll find they do ; -)

    "Our greatest fear is not that we are powerless. Our greatest fear is Microsoft"
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    i love linux,i love rh!

  4. $spacer_open
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    I was given the SuSE 9.1 pro discs by a mate and started playing around. I also like the idea of using what you want, sharing it with anyone. I think the whole opensource fact really appeals to me. I've also come to realise how powerful it is compared to mickeysoft, if you want to change something then go for it, no prob. If you don't like something in win then tough!
    I was unemployed for about 5 months and finally got offered a job doing Linux (SuSE) servers and installations and i jumped at the opportunity. I'm still very much a newbie when it comes co Linux but learning a lot every single day i use it! And my boss is a really good teacher!

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    I initially tried Linux out of curiosity, being a bit of a computer geek. Started hearing a lot about Linux so I tried it out. Had a few false starts and returns to Windows but I'm persisting with it.

    I can't break free from Windows yet as I am a big PC games player. This has the knock on effect that the PC that Windows is installed on tends to be more cutting edge so I end up using it the majority of the time.

    For now I'm playing with and learning Linux and I love what I have found so far. Also, my job is an I.T. technician so knowledge of Linux could be very valuable, particularly if I move over to Systems.

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    Re: Started using linux becuase.

    Short and sweet.. Windows was getting on my nerves. I had a laptop that wasn't top of the line a few years back, and Doz sucked all my resources like a drunk on a bottle of Jack Daniels. I started off with RH7.3, and managed to finally learn by Psyche or 9. Now its FC3 for me, and I love every bit of it. PS. I also have a better computer now.

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    i use it for my server...

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    Quote Originally Posted by friggs
    I also like the idea of using what you want, sharing it with anyone. I think the whole opensource fact really appeals to me.
    i also like the fact that everything is open source. there might not be a technical support phone number, but theres always
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