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    haha, i havaent seen you before but i kinda have. its wierd. ive clivked on the last page of the coffe lounge forums to see what people were here before and noticed you. so i knida know you but yet ive never actualy seen you on the frums at the same time before. it was just yesterday i did that in fact.

    nice to finaly see you, mabey we will see other people around from the early days of these forums.
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    Welcome back Hope you'll get back to Linux.
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    Re: "View posts since last visit (114031)"

    Quote Originally Posted by Mado's been awhile...

    Doubt anyone remembers me...but, hello.
    Welcome back! I do remember you in fact - I can remember you posting your desktop a while back (someone just revived that thread). I stopped using this forum for about 18 months around the same time (errr ... nothing to do with your desktop)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Mado
    I kinda...*cough* got addicted to World of Warcraft and had no time to mess with linux
    I liek totally pwned tohse n00bs


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    welcome back.

    have a :smoke: and a smile
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    I remember you as the "Post Your Desktop" fellow.

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    How I've missed linux...

    Installed slack 10.1, updated the kernel and got x working last night. I forgot how much fun this is
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