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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus
    what's worse socialism or national socialism? And, how is it like, does pretty good in scandanavia doesn't it?
    You do realize that this is going to turn now into a discussion about
    socialism , don't you ? Instead of your original topic.Not that I
    personally mind either way.

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    i know, i know...but the rolling eyes really got to me
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    OK, let's turn to a discussion on socialism.
    Disclaimer: The following is just a personal opinion along with a few facts to support it.

    Socialism does not include controling the market. That is usualy leftist authoritarianism, although rightist auth. have done so in the past as well.
    A radical form of socialism is communism, and it have been empiricaly shown, that communist along with a severely controled market simply collapses on economical grounds. There is no way such a system can sustain it self because it is way too rigid to adapt to changing conditions, unless it is practised on a very small scale, like the kibbutzim in Israel.
    Milder forms of socialism are charachterised by high taxes and generous public service. To my knowledge, Sweden is one of the farthest left-oriented countries (economically), with a combined tax rate of about 70% or more. Public transport, education, healthcare and much more is available for free to all citizens. In the eighties/early nineties, the United States would be considered the opposit of this, when Ronald Reagan minimised taxes, from about 67% to something around 35%. I have no clue about the state now. Americans pay for most healthcare, transportation and many educational facilities.

    hehe... enough from me...for now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by genesus
    it is akin to saying that government could not provide medical care insurance to people if an insurance company offers to cover people in a particular more welfare.
    or this
    Feds' weather information could go dark
    Alert: Protect Public Weather Data
    Follow the money
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    Think of the internet as a utility, or a town infrastructure. Would you want it to be illegal for a city to construct power lines, electrical plants, sewers, and roads, if a company provides such a service?
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    In general free enterprise and capitalism work to provide the best service at the best price.

    Commodity priced computers and software that we have today are result of that action.

    Government should only step in when any entity gain an UNFAIR advantage and exercises that advantage on others.

    Please note: The internet was originally a government entity.

    Viva competition, ie Linux and independent ISPs.

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    In Puerto Rico there's some of that

    a) The goverment does not own a Telephone Company (Sold in 1998 to Verizon)

    b)The goverment pays health insurance thru private insurance providers, so it does with a basic car insurance that cost $99 USD a year

    c) Food Stamps are provided with an ATM/Like system.

    d) Almost all of the Public Hospitals were sold to private owners

    e) These changes didn't affected the services (Recent budget cuts did)

    As for the Telecom Bill I think it's a way to keep local goverments from establishing monopolies

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    The whole Idea sounds a little retarded to me, it won't happen.

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    These were nice links Vergil.
    Quote from
    "The National Weather Service has not focused on what its
    core mission should be, which is protecting other people's lives
    and property," said Myers, whose company is based in State College,
    Pa. Instead, he said, "It spends hundreds of millions of dollars a
    year, every day, producing forecasts of 'warm and sunny.'"

    I can't decide what's worse , the guy is really that stupid or he's
    shamelessly trying to mislead the public.It did make me laugh though.

    Do you know where they get the info appearing in your last
    link ? (This one)

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    Quote Originally Posted by jlgreer1
    In general free enterprise and capitalism work to provide the best service at the best price.

    Commodity priced computers and software that we have today are result of that action.
    When you say software do you mean Windows ?

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