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    i wana try a different dist

    preferably with 1 disk, ive tried yoper, gentoo, fedora 3/4, ububuntu

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    VectorLinux, Debian.
    Couple harder distros, Sourcemage or Lunar.

    I like to keep an eye on they have reviews of new distros coming out all the time.
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    arch linux
    Vector is good, or if you want to do a netinstall, try Arch or Debian. MiniSlack is another single disk distro that's small and fun to play with.

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    two more quality distro's: Slackware, SuSE (9.1 personal is only 1 disk but very complete)
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    If you have a fast internet connection take a look at Suse (9.3 is the newest). They offer a ftp install option where you download a small boot disk and then get the remaining install from the internet.

    Also you can take a look at distrowatch and search for ftp install and find some otheres.

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    i wana try a different dist

    I would agree with Logan 5 above I use SUSE 9.2 pro + others and have been very impressed - it has everything you should ever want.

    Good luck

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    dling vector...

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    how about arch linux or you could also try netBSD
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    Simply Mepis is also a good one to look at, it is mainly a live cd but does have a hard drive installer.
    and it is very compatible with a lot of debian packages.

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    As was mentioned, check out distrowatch. I've tried quite a few of distros, and I have a huge collection of various distros that I have yet to try (some are just .iso's waiting on my harddrive to be burned )
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