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Thread: Debian's Future

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    Debian's Future

    I was reading an article on newsforge...heres the link

    Is Ian actually going to start a predictable release cycle with the stable series? Or is he just speculating on doing it? Personally I would love for him to realease a new stable version every year. I have an extremely slow connection and its hard for me to keep up with the updates on Debian Etch having just fluxbox, firefox, gaim, xchat, and a few games installed.

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    Ian doesn't run Debian anymore, so it's not up to him.

    Branden (current Debian Project Leader) was elected on a campaign that centred around more regular releases, let's hope that happens.

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    I hope so too. Being the only person on the internet with 28k dialup sucks! With regular releases, it'd be cheaper to buy the cds also, weekly snapshot cds arn't cheap in comparison to other distros

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    28K dial up ??!!!!......
    Man...I do sympathize for you.
    My first job was building and testing acoustic modems....
    running at a break neck speed of 300 baud. ....that
    was a life time ago....

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    I hope they do get things moving along faster at Debian.
    Using the 2.4 kernel (instead of the 2.6) and KDE 3.3 (not 3.4.1), and no MPlayer to top it off - 3.1 may be a new release, but it's feeling kinda old already (IMO)

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    you can install 2.6 kernel by typing linux26 when you first start to install and mplayer can't be allowed because legal issues

    also this is a stable release for servers, so it doesn't need to move fast. Use etch if that is what you are interested in
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    I tell you what they should do, have a very small cd of Debian, purposly for all those with slow internet... like those with adsl (joke)

    just the minimals on it, like a light GUI, firefox, and the system itself...

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris-harry
    like those with adsl (joke)
    I don't get it

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    Quote Originally Posted by chris-harry
    like those with adsl (joke)
    Hehe, we all know T1 is the only way to get a decent i-net connection
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    well debian has opened the door quite a lot to indipendant developers like Ubantu and Mepis, to totally say that Debian is dead is not founded in reason.
    just because the main debian core may not be updated a lot there is still the chance of modifying it, like Mepis and Ubantu has.
    maybe the future in debian may not be with the classic debian, but the door is open to another gearation.

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