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    when i came up with this i was obessesed with mechassault for XBOX, thats the reason for the mechmaster
    Linux is for those who want to know why their computer works.

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    "Testing? What's that? If it compiles, it is good, if it boots up, it is perfect." -Linus Torvalds

    Perhaps the biggest mistake of Mr Torvalds.....
    Hey Red Jam, if your confidence in Mr. Torvalds is shaken, check out Debian GNU/Hurd .. I just DL'd it myself and am experimenting with it now. Then with BSD & HURD kernels you can be %100 Linux free!
    PTL x10 Hallelujah!
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    First off, I am uber-obsessed with the Celts. I am not Celtic, but I love their culture and mythology.

    That said, "Cabhan" is Scots Gaelic for "Grassy Hill". "An Cabhan" is the name of one of Ireland's counties.

    Anyway, when I was making my GMail account, I was looking at Gaelic names. I ended up with Breasal, which means Land of Youth (similar to Tir na nOg). My dad pointed out that it looks like "breast" when you type it, so I switched to Cabhan. And I've been using it a bunch of places since.

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    ToastedToad is from the Tery Goodkind, Sword of Truth series. Zed, a character liked to say ,"true as toasted toads". I liked it. I use it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ToastedToad
    ToastedToad is from the Tery Goodkind, Sword of Truth series. Zed, a character liked to say ,"true as toasted toads". I liked it. I use it.

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    I should read the Sword of Truth series sometimes, but I hear that Terry Goodkind is a bloody communist and so are all the protagonists. :P
    I have one of those books, meh did I know it was the latest in the series? Now I have to get the other 10 books before I can start reading the one I have

    I got my name from one of the character from the Silmarillion, which is Tolkien's last book, the one he never finished.
    Morgoth was the greatest of the Ainur (kind of angels), but then he fell to the Dark Side..

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    My user name stands for Högskolan I Gävle EXAmensarbete C-nivå.
    It means University of Gavle bachelor thesis.
    Kind of booring but I really need to do this survey and get some answers for it.
    Would love it if you checked it out in the thread I've created

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    Closing old thread. See this thread for an updated version:

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