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    right for every thing except writing which I use my left hand for.

    Probably because of the crappy left handed scissors in primary school

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    Talk about random topic...

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    left handed, depends on what I do, I prefer writing with left (it's really not that hard with the right hand, just need some more training to get a better flow), when at computers I use my right hand to controll the mouse, clock's on the left hand (where the right thumb is and, naturally, my left thumb is on the other hand ), when I eat, uhm ( (knife&fork) ^ spoon), well, either hand works fine...

    btw, does anyone know what the criteria is for ambidexterity? (the most details I find is "Ambidexterity is the ability of being equally adept with each hand (or, to a limited degree, feet). See laterality. The word "ambidextrous" is derived from the Latin *ambi meaning "same" and the root *dext meaning "right"; thus, "ambidextrous" is literally "right on both sides". " (google:'define:ambidexterity'))
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    oh great, a topic about me!! a lefty...

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