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Thread: SkyOS

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    Has anyone here ever used or have any knowledge of SkyOS? Looks like it's worth a look at least, but before I burst my download cap let's see if it's worth it...
    Any thoughts? skyos

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    Hmm, this is the 1st time I've heard of it. It looks interesting, but I cant find any download links for the main OS, and I dont want to pay $30 to test it out. It seems to be worth a look, but if they dont have any trial downloads, then it is not worth it.

    My 1st impression was that it seems like a closed source linux clone of sorts, but until they release the final version and possibly a free download, i cant comment any more on it.
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    I heard about it on **** a while ago....
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    I've followed it for a while, but until I can find a free version to try out it won't be on my system.
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    I've heard of it before to. As far as I know, it's no longer free. They were open source/free up to version 4.x, then when they released version 5.0. The new version has to be purchased, and can't be downloaded. Never used it, but I've heard (online from peopel who had) they it wasn't that great to start out.

    If you're looking for some alternative OSes check:

    Those two are my favorites. Written completely in ASM, which makes for a really nice, fully featured, single floppy OS.[/url]

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    I have the free version of 4.0a on a cd. I don't remember it being anything special, and when I just tried to boot into it a min ago, it didn't recongize my mouse or keyboard.
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