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    Best Linux for an Office?

    My dad recently purchased an AMD 3400+ PC for his office. It should arrive within a week or so. Anyway, this is my first good chance to steer him away from Windows, so I was wondering what the best distro would be for his office. He doesn't use the computer constantly, and it's not critical, but he does basic word processing, spreadsheets, and uses the internet. As of now, he's only familiar with Windows. I was thinking maybe SUSE, Mandriva, or Fedora, but I'm not sure which. Any ideas?

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    I would say SuSE for an office. Pretty much anything you could want is included, you have support available, and it is a comprehensive system.
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    SuSE for features and support plus the polish. Xandros I would also recomment for a new linux user with lotsa sete windows ways. I would avoid Mandriva/Mandrake at the moment, 10.1 was good, LE2005 is full of features but lacking a lot (watch out for 2006 - promising). It seems a bit wobbly or something at the moment.

    Plus SuSE has OOo 2.0 pre - which means you get to use Base. Was always a gripe many had with Open Office was the lack of compact database application.

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    I personally have used Mepis fro over two years on two different "office" PC's. It defaults to KDE. That said, I just tried ubuntu, and although I am not a gnome fan, you simply cannot beat the way they have layed out the menus and apps for a part time non techie user.

    I did try kubuntu which has the kde interface, I wouldnt go with that its a bit buggy. Of course you can use gnome on mepis, but you will still have a lot of applicatiion that wont mean anything to your dad.

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    Like the others said, I also would recommend Suse or Xandros for an offfice environment. Both of these are very polished distros and come with support (If you pay for teh retail versions). If your father is a "power-user" of windows, then I would recomend Suse over Xandros, as it has more features and functionality.
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