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  • Abit

    2 8.00%
  • Albatron

    0 0%
  • Asus

    13 52.00%
  • DFI

    1 4.00%
  • Epox

    0 0%
  • Msi

    3 12.00%
  • Tyan

    0 0%
  • Other(please mention)

    6 24.00%
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    Linux User benjamin20's Avatar
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    sofar it looks like asus is in the lead and way behnd is gigabyte with 2.
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    Another vote for Gigabyte.
    Asus is great, I'm running on a 5 year old P3V4X that, beyond a couple ISA quirks, has run like an absolute champ. But they seem to be going up in price every generation, and I really like Gigabyte's dual BIOS. I'll be using one in my next machine, I love working with them.

    For low cost I'll usually look for Epox first, but there are a lot of good alternatives like Jetway, Chaintech, Foxconn, Soltek, and I've always liked Soyo in the past. I've also had my eye on Albatron. I like their tendency to use 3com ethernet chips onboard, and I seem to recall seeing Envy based onboard sound, but I haven't gotten around to trying them yet. I have heard some reports of QA issues which is probably why.

    ASRock was actually originally a daughter company of Asus for the low end, but I think it's been spun off now. Asus actually used to be one of the few to build a lot of SiS and ALi based motherboards, and they started ASRock presumably to detach their name. I'm sure they're decent boards, but I'm just not into SiS and 'M' class VIA chipsets.

    For server Tyan is really unbeatable in my opinion, though I wouldn't hesitate to get a Supermicro board. I'd really like to try an Iwill board, though, it's too bad they're not involved in the desktop market like they used to be.
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    DIF ( i have always bought high end gaming boards weather i gamed or not)

    then ABIT MSI.... though DFI hasnt gotten into the 64bit boards as of yet (im on an abit rite now on my main box) but i still love them and i have never had a bad one but i also understand that ther are bound to be defective boards that slip through, dont burn in well(after being operated for a few days burn up that will happen) and many will argue but asus always has been the big boy on the block but to date i havent had one for going on 10 years.....

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    Mine was made by First International Computer of America, its a pretty good one for what I payed. The best though would probably be Sun Microsystems.

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    Looks like ASUS is in the lead. I know they have a good rep for quality, but i just found it ironic that the only mainboard i ever had trouble with was the one ASUS board i bought! The keyboard intermitently quits, or if at boot time the BIOS reports keyboard not present. My first MOBO was a cheap-ass no namer and it is still running great (now 5 years old)

    It's probably a cold solder joint - as they are mass produced, that sometimes happens regardless of brand, or PCB type. I'm just to lazy to investigate though, it's easier to just unplug/plug the KB.
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    I would normally say ASUS but i've just had so many damn issues with my last motherboard.(i swear this thing was shipped in a magnet)

    So, i'm choosing MSI since i have just replaced my old ASUS with a new MSI (+amd64 3200+ chip) and everything has worked perfectly!

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