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Thread: Time For Bed

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    Time For Bed

    Just a question but what time do you all go to sleep, and what time do you get up...... its 12:30am here, and i get up round 8am.... so yeaj im out o here, be back again tomorow

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    6am here, haven't been to sleep yet and don't plan to.

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    It varies every night, i stayed up till 8AM the other day, 4AM last night, Prolly gonna go to sleep at 2:30AM tonight (Or at least head upstairs) (Half an hour)

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    I always get at least 8-10 hours sleep a night other wise you have no energy, make mistakes and are ratty.

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    I always go to bed at 1:00 - 2:00 AM. And I get up at 8:00 AM. So I get about 6-7 hours sleep. Life is short, don't waste it on sleeping.
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    I go to bed someware inbetween 9pm and 2am -- depending on the day. and I try and get 9hours sleep, but it ends up at being oabout 7 usually
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    I commute to work, so my alarm goes off at 6am - Usually up at 6:30 - In bed about 10:30 - 11 on weekdays. Did you know that you can only go for 5 days without sleep?

    I need more sleep than I get
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    Bed Time

    I go to bed when I get too tired to do anymore on the computer or watching the dreaded TV, but it's usually between 10PM to 1AM. Have not been invited to all nite linux party yet on the chat.

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    i normally go to bed last in my family
    just depends if im busy installing or setting something up
    i have spent a whole night once
    and went to bed at 6am, then got up at 9am

    just depends on how busy i am

    also i normally get up on weekdays about 9-11
    and saturaday about 11-12
    sunday 7am

    avaerage bedtime is about 1-2

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    6am - 9am? :o
    Damn, i want your alarm clock.

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