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    Firefox works for my internet banking needs, and so does mozilla and a host of other browsers.

    However what really irritates me is that whenever I check my hotmail, i get a message asking me to download IE 6. There are options to continue, but it is really irritating.
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    Websites should really sort this issue out as it's one that's been around for a long time, sure it takes a bit more effort but in the long run it's worth it.
    I have a friend that's a professional web designer, she always designs the sites to be compatible with all browsers and all resolutions, if I say to her, that doesn't look quite right, I'm running 1600x1200, she doesn't turn around and say, oh well that's your fault for running such a high resolution, she sorts it out, gets me to check it and then finishes when it's done.

    If websites think that placing a message at the bottom saying "This site is best viewed with Internet Explorer at 1024x768" will solve the problems, then we have a long way to go.

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    Well, I think you can control what firefox identifies itself with by typing

    in to the url bar and pressing return. Then filter for useragen, and i think these are the values that contorl it. remeber the default values tho just incase....

    try this page

    and it shows you what your browser identifies as. So I guess play with the values in about:config until firefox identifies as ie 6 or whatever and then I bet you would be able to internet bank.

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    I switched bank because my old one only supported IE, They sent an email asking why I wanted to leave them and they cited many wonderfull facilitys such as online banking that they support... I sent them a reply explaining that I only use firefox and therefore cannot use there banking services.. i did not get a reply.

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    Yes, it's amazing that in 2005 there are still some who insist on limiting functionality for some browsers either by mistake, out of ignorance, or due to a "business decision". I'm particularly amazed that there are UK government websites which are not more W3 standards compliant (or at least more friendly to a wider variety of browsers) considering their more stringent laws pertaining to accessibility.

    After looking at some of the source of the sites listed in the BBC's article, I couldn't help but laugh at some of the ANCIENT JavaScript being used, such as the ones that do a little browser sniffing and declare that if it isn't IE or Netscape, it's "old" and disables features! Pathetic. I'll end my tirade with that.

    By the way, one way to get around most of these issues is to install some sort of user agent switcher which will trick the offending website into thinking that your browser is something that it's not. There are a few Firefox extensions that do just that.

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