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    ATI-All-in-wonder card how can i watch tv with it

    any ideas for either linux or windwos ME?

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    one, get rid of windows me. that was the biggest piece of crap microsoft ever made. go with either 2000 or media center. i have an ati all-in-wonder and use windows media center 2004, dual booting with suse 9.2. so far i havent got the card to work within linux, which is why i still even boot windows.
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    try installing mythtv. thats the program you use to watch the video. however you will need drivers. bttv is the driver package that supposedly contains drivers for all the vtuners that can be used with linux. you will have to find out how to setup the drivers as i havent actulaly done it myself before. its just that i was once interested in seeing what hoops you have to jump through to get linux tv support. just to let you know. its either going to be a lot of hoops or no hoops at all. depending on wheter or not your tvtuner is even supported by linux.

    as for winME. eevn microsoft is embarased by this and tries to almost hide the fact it ever existed. driver support is far smaller for it than anything else. its just best to use windows2000. as that is the least bgggy windows version of all time and is what i recomend to anyone with a 32bit proccessor.
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