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    Is This the End of Linux?

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    That along with mayn other things people have said I would have to say a definate no. I've heard it said that the SCO people know they will lose, but they can't just drop the case because of all the stock holders. If they actually won in court it would be an extreme suprise for me. And even then, linux would survive. They'd just modify it to take out the "offending" code.
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    With all of the different distros, if Linux were to go down, I would guess that something would be up pretty quick. It seems that there is quite a following, and a smart following at that, that they couldnt get rid of it that easily.

    But, Im kind of curious. What would happen if Linux were to dissapear and we were left with just Microsoft. That would be a very good situation for Microsoft. You think that MS has anything to do with this?

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    Microsoft is definately in SCOs side of the ring on this one. I've hear that they've even helped out monetarily. But SCO has no case if they were to take this to court. The first version of the linux kernel was released 10 years ago. By not claiming their rights within a "reasonable period of time" from the infraction, they basically forfeit any rights they have to the IP in question. There is a slim to none chance that any court would rule otherwise (it's fun being in an Intellectual Property class ).
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    Isnt it all over the SMP code? And i beleve that they cant win cause they relesed the code in calnder linux which was under the GPL.

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    Its interesting to see all the key figures at SCO selling their shares in the company.

    Ask yourself, are those the actions of someone whose company is inline to receive a big payout? (hence increasing the value of the shares)?

    It's not.(for sane people at least), therefore we can only assume that SCO know they have no chance.


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    Re: Is This the End of Linux?

    Quote Originally Posted by sunday
    Ha, thats a turn around. I don't think anything SCO says relates to any truth. I do wonder about what they were thinking in the first place. Maybe they were all exposed to some sought of microwave bursts and didn't relise it. Maybe there not even human, and if so, which planet. Thinking of that old movie 'The Body Snatches'. I wish they would make an end.


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