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    My two cents: International bodies are not good at this sort of thing. Who cares which country these computers happen to sit in? They're in the US at the moment, so why go to the hassle of moving them? Perhaps as the internet evolves control will move (most likely to india/china), who knows.

    And as for Europeans and Americans throwing insults across the Atlantic without making the effort to understand each other..... It's getting a little boring. Surely there's another forum for that??

    (DISCLOSURE: I'm a European living in America.)
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    profit who. i know no profit. anti terrorism. ya Fing long as you are not a terrorist they ont bother you. they probobly wont even notice you unless you go and start trading secret plans to take out DC or something. then they have a guy who isnt a terorist but is passing around secret plans to wipe out dc. now explain why you are passing around a secret pla to take out dc. so see. you gotta belive in the chickens. ecause the chickens will guide you. especialy the robot chicken, because he is the king. but stay away from the space burritos. they will drain you brains and fill you with farts.

    see. i just made a post about absolutly nothing and trailed off with retarded crap about chickens and space burritos. you know why? because this whole freakin thread is just getting dumber by the minuet with anti amarican sentiments and anti-anti american sentimints in which i willingly participated in. eventualy we get a flame war. so lets stop while we a still in a position to hold dignaty.

    but seriosly though, those space burritos will kill ya.
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    There are a few root servers that are not in the US so does it not mean the US doesnt have full control, thats all this artical seems to mention, Anyway it was an English man who invented the Web (although with out DARPA it would not exist) so dont arguee the Internet/Web is an American invention because as said its done by alot of nations working together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by loft306
    yeah in the name of anti torrerism......but in actuality in the name or profit profit profit!!! the american way... uke:
    The article over-blows the "terrorism" aspect of it. In the actual statement all that is said about security is
    Quote Originally Posted by Michael Gallagher
    Given the Internet's importance to the world’s economy, it is essential that the underlying DNS of the Internet remain stable and secure.
    Quote Originally Posted by benjamin20
    ok, lets not go and make this some retarded discusion about how terrible and stupid bush is or how utterly useless france is. lets just focus on the fact. the US is important in the infanstructure of the internet. because the majority of the major nodes are in america and it would be sensless to give the control to someone else. besides. why change it? you people in europe connnect and go to sites just fine. most of the people in europe even get better service over there than here in america. so wtf is the problem? is it that you socialist just want conrol over it? or is it that you can actualy make an improvement on it? and what kind of an improvement would it be? i cant think of any problem that could be solved by giving control to someone else. the only problem i see is on the server side of websites and game server hosts.

    like said before, if it aint broke, dont fix it.

    No one is talking about physically moving the servers anywhere. This is NOT a government entity. It does not run of US governmental money!
    Thursday's declaration means Commerce would keep that control, regardless of whether and when those conditions are met.
    The Commerce staying in control of ICANN is the new policy. The plan was always to turn over control.
    Once again as Giro said the Internet is a world effort, and it stupid to claim some special ownership of it. How far do you want to go back? Without Michael Faraday we wouldn't be able to have computers, servers, etc... He was English, so does that mean the Internet belongs to the English?
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