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    If Redhat is so Evil...

    ...what do you suggest?

    Basicaly, I did something to botch windows and instead of reinstalling windows I'm just going to patch it up and install linux on the other half of the drive. What distro would you suggest?

    Gintoo isnt an option for me, I dont like the way the OS is managed. it feels like they are holding your hand all the time, and they have deviated from some of the standards I'm used to.

    LFS, too much work.

    I'm thinking of either trieing Suse, Slackware, or Debian

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    If it's an "everyday" pc, then go with debian, if you want a server /me would look towards slackware.


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    I like slackware's name, I think I may stick with it. Debian has alwase intimidated me.. dont know why. but I havent used it yet. so who knows.

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    I've used debian once. Its ok, but I like slackware bether. Don't know why thoug Its just that feeling you get..

    I suggest you going for slackware. Its a great distro, has a large userbase and good documentation. While it may not have apt-get, it has a decent package system, with many packages.

    Anyway, give all a try, find your favorite and stick with it.

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    if you want a good reliable distro go with suse.. i have it on the home pc and its really handy.. the yast programme is really good cause it cuts out configureing any files yourself..
    but i have ent tryed anyother distro so i can't really compare but i have never had a problem whith suse ever
    Thanks v much

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