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    Linux Guru AlexK's Avatar
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    Im not the heavy gamer I once used to be, but that doesn't mean I play no games at all.

    From time to time, I mainly play strategy/world domination games such as Rome total War, AOM or shooters such as Q3, UT and on the PS2 I play GT3, Cricket 2004 and Tekken 4 whenever I get the chance. Im really not as good as I once was at any of these games.

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    Re: Is non-Gamers out there?

    Quote Originally Posted by crys
    Can we have a POLL and discussion. Why games are that important?. Can somebody be a Win/Linux expert without knowing 'the-art-of-gaming'?
    Games aren't that important, and this is coming from a gamer. I've owned every Nintendo system released since the NES, several Playstations and Playstation 2's, an Atari and a Sega Genesis. My last 3 upgrades to my computer were so I could play newer games.

    Games are what I choose to do sometimes in my spare time. They are not my life, nor are they the life of any other well-adjusted person IMO. It's not necessary to be into games to learn a lot about Linux or MS Windows, it's just the fact that gamers have to know their hardware inside and out to get the best game performance that happens to help us out in that respect.
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    Well, I can't say that I'm strictly a non-gamer, since I play the occasional round of gnibbles, and clear one or two Gamecube games per year.

    I would rather throw myself in the non-gamer camp than the gamer camp, however. Games aren't that important at all to me. It is only on odd days during a full moon that I really find it more satisfying to play games than to program.

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    i am a gamer, gta, half life, unreal, need for speed, hitman, starcraft, call of duty, i can go on and on . . . .

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    I don't spend much time with computer games. I'll play freecell from time to time. It is just challenging enough that I can't get much over 80%. The score keeping is what keeps me coming back. If it didn't keep a record of wins and losses, I would probably never play.

    Flight simulator games are nice but I rarely mess with them since I have so much trouble with my vision.

    Things have come a long way since the pong and star trek games in the 70s.

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    i game all the time, at home, mostly WoW (my curent mmo), then i play a whole bunch of other stuff wit freinds at lan

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    massachusetts, north america
    i don't play games on my computer at home, at my friends house however i do, or sometimes i play metalgear solid games on consoles or gamecube cabes.
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    I am a (very) casual gamer; I don't buy any titles that do not have linux versions, and I haven't owned a console in years, other than my gameboy.
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    another "NOT a gamer", here...

    I've tried them a few times over the years but simply find no enjoyment in them. I do play some chess on my box now and then, but even that's rare.

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    I don't consider myself a gamer purely because I can go months without playing one. But I am a dedicated GTA fan, along with Gran Turismo and occasionally some Medal of Honour. I used to love them. These days I would be happy with some CS but It don't run on linux too well, and I don't run on Windows outside of work.

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