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    Linux Newbie
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    Jan 2005

    Gamer to the core. And not just video games, but board games, war games, card games, sports, etc.

    Video games may be a great escape, but they have nowhere near the social aspect of non-video games. Games are an important way for people to interact (competition and non-competition) and have fun. Life would suck without any games.

    Guess what I want to do when I graduate?

    National Games week is at the end of november!!! Go check out their website!!

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    Linux User cayalee's Avatar
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    Sep 2004
    used to be a gaming nut (mainly fps's), now all i play are these spacey type games like starlancer, freelancer, and X2 and i'm eagerly awaiting X3. quite like a good flight sim, but really gone off the whole first person shooter thing. even hl2 bores me now! *gasp*
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    Whitstable, Kent, England
    I used to play games quite frequently but I have certainly decreased in the amount I have played, especially since I have moved to Linux but I have subscribed to Transgaming so I can, when I fell like it not have to use a dual boot to play the games I enjoy. The games I enjoy the most are the ones that can be customised easily, i.e. mainly mods and new maps. The best game I have has got to be HL2, it runs comfortably on my GeForce FX5200, whereas Far Cry I rarely touch as I basically can only handle the very lowest settings, thankfully I got it damn cheap :P .
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    Linux Guru budman7's Avatar
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    Knee deep in Grand Rapids, Michigan
    I am definitely a non-gamer unless you count frozen-bubble and kdegames.

    I wouold also consider myself a linux expert wannabe and a Windows expert.

    Although I no longer have Windows on my system.
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    Chicago (USA)
    How could you not play Frozen-Bubble?

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    my latest addiction was wolfenstein-enemy territory online...........

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    Linux Enthusiast Opnosforatou's Avatar
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    Gaming is not the most important part in Linux usage.
    But it will be if linux wants to overtake the PC.
    Most people then to stick to windos because of all the games.

    TG we have WineX en Wine to help with that. But it will take more time to fully compete with windo(w)s

    But I have to admit, I have one partition with WinXP, just for playing World of Warcraft and Knight of the Old Republic (I and II).
    (Wow server: Emerald Dream)

    But the rest in Linux only
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    Linux Enthusiast carlosponti's Avatar
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    Dec 2004
    i love video games if i have spare time to play a bit why not. i even love the games that come preloaded in KDE. sometimes i need a way to escape for a bit.
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    I'm becoming saad!, votes tallying,

    Hey, Non-gamers out there, 'I command unto you', VOTE!, with your whole heart!.

    And so far sooo good, keep going! ...


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