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    Sep 2005
    Knoxville, TN

    I used to be a gamer when I was 14. I would spend endless hours on games like D2, CS, the Gamecube. Then one day when I didn't take a shower for 3days I quit the games and everything related to gaming, got a social life, started working with computer hardware.

    So overall I spent about 2 years gaming from late 13 to late 15. Now I proably spend maybe 10hours a month gaming. Sometimes I'll go to a gaming center near me and game from 11am to 11pm.

    Drugs are cheaper :P

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    Jan 2005
    Games completed:

    Half Life (classic)
    American McGee's Alice (masterpiece)
    Red Faction (good play)
    Neverwinter Nights (great fun, expansions suck)
    Diablo (my hand literally stopped working, too many clicks!)
    Halo (xbox, evil! too bad for redundancy)
    NFS High Stakes and... that first Xbox version that came out
    Interstate '76, damn was '82 a letdown

    Everything else has kind of bored me
    The one game I wish I beat that I haven't is Evolva, I didn't get very far but my memory of it is incredible
    I almost finished Giants: Citizen Kabuto, and the first two races were great, but Kabuto was a let down. The British humor carried it through for my small American mind

    It's too bad Counterstrike turned me off of gaming pretty much completely. I got so sick of being accused of cheating when everone else just sucked. It got to the point where my friends couldn't even recognize me online because of my reputation, and I never touched a hack. Beta 5.x was optimal, when the colt was scoped and people had some respect. The silenced colt just made it too easy. Aim for the heart and get a headshot on the third bullet... yeah, fun...

    Maybe free MMOG's will bring me back. Probably not.
    Michael Salivar

    Man knows himself insofar as he knows the world, becoming aware of it only in himself, and of himself only within it.

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    Does freecell count? Or a few casino-style games (trying to find a good Linux-based Texas Hold'Em)?

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    Syracuse, UT
    I dont play much either, mostly starcraft and Age of empiers 1 and 2

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    Sometimes I like a game of Call of Duty. That's it.

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