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    Well, I've done more system integration on the bluetooth-alsa project rather than bluetooth development, so I can't say for sure, but it doesn't seem that it should be that hard to write such support.

    Basically, the "headset code" should listen to an RFCOMM channel (kind of like the bluetooth equivalent to TCP, from what I've understood). Implementing the audio gateway RFCOMM protocol shouldn't be too hard. The problem might be implementing the "server" side of the SCO audio protocol. I really have no idea if the BlueZ stack supports that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Nand
    Yahooo! I have nokia 3310. It will sell as antique in a couple of years and fetch me millions.
    Nothing wrong with the 3310! Good 'phone, good games and it can survive being bounced off a brick wall.

    Not like these new, fancy, made-of-cheap-plastic-and-will-break-if-you-look-at-them 'phones.
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    help please

    can someone please upload the entire linux os for a nokia 6630...i wil be grateful. also pls tell me how to install it. is it as simple as pressing install.

    can one install linux on a nokia 6630 without having a pc that works on XP?

    i am an absolute novice in linux...guidance needed

    i am sick and tired of symbian.

    thank you.

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    Has anyone ever used the TOM TOM GO sat nav software on a symbian smarthphone? any good?
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    I use a motorola c385 does the job quite nicely, wish i could find games for it (free).

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    spv c500
    a windows phone, but i like the features on it...

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